Artist: No Tolerance
Track: Boston Ex
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No Tolerance - Boston Ex

Fake edge, fake name, fake band, real shame

Today was great: laid in bed until 4pm, went for a hike, and got to munch on some delicious sushi.

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4am selfie
Anonymous Asked:
post a vid of u guyz fucking

If u come off anon we will

This is the shit. #deathcamp #teenagenightmare

Artist: Night Birds
Track: Oblivious
Album: The Other Side of Darkness
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Night Birds - “Oblivious”

When we finally reach oblivion
just want to be oblivious
Bury my head deep in the sand
I just want to be oblivious
It don’t matter how much time you spend
Narrowing down dates and time
The only certainty is the end

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Artist: Institute
Track: Narrow & Straight
Album: Demo
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Artist: The Stooges
Track: I Wanna Be Your Dog
Album: The Stooges
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The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog

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Picked this up the other day 👌

Artist: Think I Care
Track: World Asylum
Album: World Asylum
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World Asylum by Think I Care

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Artist: N U K E C U L T
Album: Join or Don't Demo
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Artist: 108
Track: Solitary
Album: Songs Of Separation
Plays: 465


Masculinity beats the living hell out of me. Vanity is only my reality. My only cold companion. Each moment without you I die. Each moment without you I die. Each moment without you I die.